Latitude Property Management is an exclusive Portland rental management company that focuses on helping property owners maximize their profits, protect and maintain their properties, and grow their rental portfolio.

We are committed to creating a lasting change in our community by developing sustainable real estate practices that not only make the world a better place, but also makes great financial sense and boosts property values for our clients.

Why do property owners work with us?

Customized property management services to fit your needs

Financial performance based on results

Low vacancy rates

No hidden fees

Value creation from our sustainability focus

Investment growth opportunities

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1. Honoring the pursuit of extraordinary

We look for and extract joy from the extraordinary aspects of life surrounding us

2. Living our dreams every day

We fully believe that every person should strive to live the life that they dream of,
and live it on their own terms

3. Freedom and adventure

We focus on living fully and exploring new experiences, from the wide open mountains
 to the every day interactions in our communities



Latitude Property Management (formerly 45 Main Properties) was founded in 2014 by Neal and Alissa Collins.

Neal's exposure to property management started in 2006 when he worked as a leasing agent for a 300-unit student housing complex. Shortly thereafter, he became the account manager for a portfolio of properties with more than 800 units. Neal served as a Peace Corps volunteer and holds a master's degree in sustainable development. 

Alissa grew up in Alaska and worked as a professional fundraiser for the University of Alaska before obtaining a master's degree in intercultural service, leadership, and management. When she and Neal were assigned to the same project in Bangladesh, they found that they made great partners—and became great life companions. They spent several years in international development, holding leadership positions in India and Maldives where their work focused on community development, conservation, and preservation.

Neal and Alissa made Portland their home after falling in love with the city's vibrant culture, craftsman architecture, and proximity to the outdoors. They had their sights on an ambitious, yet straight-forward goal that they believed would lead to financial freedom: acquire 45 rental units. Over time, this goal became known as "45 Main".  Hence, the company was formed under the name "45 Main Properties" to service their small but growing portfolio of rentals.

It wasn't long before people started knocking on the Collins' door wanting professional help acquiring or managing their own investment properties. Neal was the principal property manager, and Alissa brought the depth of knowledge, charm, and skill that helped clients exceed their goals.

As the company grew, so did the mission. The spirit, however, remained the same: to help others to achieve their own financial freedom. With this company growth came a lot of reflection, and a clearer vision of their goals and mission. We're proud to now be operating under the name Latitude Property Management, which better reflects this vision in addition to marking the beginning of our realty company, Latitude Realty.