Our Services

We provide professional real estate services that are tailored to your needs and goals. We cover everything from professional marketing, leasing, inspections, repairs/maintenance to rent collection and clear financial reporting. Our job is to make your life easier so that you can have the freedom to grow your business or dedicate more time to your family.

Whether you need full-service rental management, leasing services, advice to convert your house to a rental, or help with scaling your portfolio, we have you covered.

Property Types We Serve

Property management done the right way is detailed, time consuming, and mistakes can be costly.

Our full-service management services are ideal when you want to entrust a qualified partner with your properties without worrying about your investment. Our services add value to the properties we manage, not take it away. We do this by incorporating a holistic and integrated system that covers everything from marketing, leasing, facilities maintenance, repairs, financial reporting, acquisition, and disposition.

We are committed to sustainable and green management practices and work with our Owner clients, tenants, and vendors to transition properties to be more energy efficient, safer, healthier, and more livable. These practices not only make an impact locally, but they also increase the value of the properties through premium rents, longer tenancies, and increased demand.

Multifamily Fees

  • Management Fee: 4 - 8% of gross collected rent*

  • Leasing Fee: Varies on the property (average is 25 - 50% of a full month's rent)

  • Start-Up Fee: Varies on the property

  • Owner Receives: Lease break fees, Deposit forfeiture, Rent premiums (storage, pet fees, etc)

  • Latitude Property Management Receives: Late fees, Notice fees, Lockout fees, NSF fees

  • No lease renewal fees, vendor upcharges, vacancy fees, or contract length commitments

* Our fees are on a sliding scale that depend upon the size of the property and the overall number of units an Owner brings into our portfolio.

Single Family / Condo Fees

  • Management Fee: 8 - 10% of gross collected rent*

  • Leasing Fee: 50% leasing commission inclusive of all marketing

  • Start-Up Fee: $250

  • Owners Receive: Lease Break Fees, Deposit Forfeiture, Rent premiums (storage, pet fees, etc), 

  • Latitude Property Management Receives: Late fees, Notice fees, Lockout fees, NSF fees

  • No lease renewal fees, vendor upcharges, vacancy fees, or contract length commitments

*Our fee structure varies depending upon how many rental units an Owner is bringing into our portfolio. An Owner with a Single Family Residence with no Additional Dwelling Units or other properties will have a 10% fee.

Full service management includes:

  • Market Analysis and Rent Assessment

  • Professional marketing and advertising

  • Property tours for prospective tenants

  • Tenant screening

  • Security deposit collection

  • Move-in/move-out inspection and routine inspection at least twice a year

  • Maintenance and repair coordination

  • Rent and late fee collection

  • Eviction coordination

  • In-depth financial reporting 

  • Lease renewal

  • Strategic long-term planning to meet your goals: recommendations for long-term maintenance issues, potential rent increases, etc.


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Leasing Service

Leasing Services Portland.jpg

Need help leasing your property but want to manage it yourself?

We can help you lease your vacant units to qualified tenants in order to fill a unit faster at market rent. Our listings include professional photos and descriptions that help capture great leads, and they are published on all the top listing websites.

Leasing Fee: 50% commission of a full month's rent

Our leasing services include the following:

  • Market analysis and rent assessment

  • Professional marketing and advertising

  • Property tours to prospective tenants

  • Tenant screening

  • Up-to-date lease and addenda

  • Lease signing and execution

  • Security deposit collection

  • First month's rent collection

  • Move-in inspection

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