Portland Condo Property Management

While it is not a core part of our business, we do provide services to condos in the Portland area. Our full service management includes everything from marketing, leasing, screening, inspections, maintenance / repairs, turnovers, monthly and yearly financial accounting, and professional council. 

Here are a few ways we stand out when it comes to management of single family properties:

  • Marketing & Leasing - We invest in your property and our marketing systems to provide the highest quality listings to reach the maximum amount of potential tenants. We do this by using professional real estate photographers at no expense to you, advertise on dozens of the top listings sites, and are responsive to all inquiries.

  • Screening - We are very thorough when it comes to screening tenants. We use a professional screening and follow a strict set of criteria to ensure the right tenant is placed in the property.

  • Leases & Laws - It is our job to stay on top of all the new landlord/tenant laws. We provide protection to our Owners by updating our leases and adhering to all local, state, and federal laws.

  • Accounting - We provide Owners with clear and consistent accounting to keep Owners abreast of how their property is performing. All rents are collected electronically, and all funds are delivered to our Owners electronically. We send detailed monthly accounting statements, as well as year-end tax forms to help you with your taxes and minimize headache.

  • Maintenance - We prioritize preventative maintenance and are diligent about regular inspections. We like to view tenants as our partners to help ensure that properties are well taken care of, and that we can address things before they turn serious to keep costs low.

  • HOA Relationship - We look to create positive relationships with condo HOAs to ensure that the property is receiving diligent care and fees are being paid and accounted for. 

  • Management Fee: 10% of gross collected rent

  • Leasing Fee: 50% leasing commission inclusive of all marketing

  • Start-Up Fee*: $250

  • Owners Receive: Lease Break Fees, Deposit Forfeiture, Rent premiums (storage, pet fees, etc), 

  • Latitude Receives: Late fees, Notice fees, Lockout fees, NSF fees

  • No lease renewal fees, vendor upcharges, vacancy fees, or contract length commitments

* A Start-Up Fee enables us to put in the legwork needed to document everything about the property in order to develop a property schedule and provide cost saving measures during our management tenure. We cover everything from the roof to the basement, the landscaping to the air filters.

This is where we are able to provide incredible value up front by building a comprehensive plan that identifies cost savings and revenue generating opportunities, while putting in place solid long-term plans.