moving out

If you are moving out while other occupants are still on the lease then this is considered a Change of Roommate. You will need to complete a Change of Roommate form that will notify our office of your intention to move. Once we review your request, our management staff will send all the occupants a Change of Roommate Addendum for everyone to sign.

The security deposit will remain with the property and will not be released when any one roommate moves out. If a new roommate moves in to take your place, then they will need to reimburse you of any portion of the deposit you put down. This happens independent of our office and operations.

A Change of Roommate has a one-time $300 fee that will be due before you are released from the lease. 

You will be required to relinquish your key(s) to the other occupants at your move-out.

moving in

If you are looking to move in as a roommate during an on-going lease, then you will need to apply and meet our screening criteria. To do this, you will need to go to our Available Rentals, scroll to the bottom listing that is the Roommate Application, and apply. You are responsible to pay an application fee.

Our office will respond to your application with the final decision, and a Lease Addendum will be sent to you and the other roommates to all sign to authorize the new lease change.

It is important to note that the initial Property Inspection that was conducted at the beginning of the lease will be used to reconcile the security deposit and ultimate move-out condition.